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Image by Shannon Conway. The Flamboyant Cuttlefish Metasepia pfefferi is one of many amazing critters waiting for you in Lembeh. Image by Lembeh Resort. It also has a superb variety of dive sites to explore. Why not escape for a week to dive one of the most incredible destinations on the planet Image by the Havaiki Pearl. Image by Bandos Maldives. Image by Alex Mustard.

Panel talks: Celebrating women in diving at Go Diving Show UK

This site makes use of cookies. If you continue we’ll assume you are happy to receive them. We are a proud island nation with a rich maritime heritage. Over the centuries significant shipping tonnage has been sunk off our coasts by the power of nature or unrestricted warfare. From battleships and merchantmen, through to steamers and tankers, our seabed is littered with shipwrecks, with the oldest dating back to BC and the Bronze Age.


Learn to dive with Scuba Blue using new and up to date equipment. Our instructors are highly qualified, active divers. They will support you through your PADI course and beyond. Call us to find out more about learning to dive and how we can tailor a course to suit your needs. Once you have finished your course we will help you to keep diving. We organise trips for all levels of divers and assist you in planning additional training. We regularly organise weekend and evening trips to local shore dive sites, ideal for the new Open Water diver..

Our Dive Club allows you to become part of an active community of divers and find people to go diving with. Club members also get a range of other benefits including early notice of some of our popular trips — how about diving with the seals off Lundy or boat trips to local wrecks?

Diving in the United Kingdom

Luckily for us, one of our fantastic new Girls that Scuba Ambassadors calls the Philippines her home. We caught up with Jan to learn more about the specifics of her underwater passions – read on to learn more about why diving in Mactan is so accessible, why clean-up dives against debris are imperative to the health of her local underwater environment, and why she hopes dives against debris will help more Filipino divers develop a passion for the ocean.

In the wake of a global viral pandemic, what happens to an industry which relies significantly on travel? Many countries worldwide are rightfully shutting their borders to protect their populations, meaning that the scuba diving industry has found itself ground to something of a halt. We love dive shows here at Girls that Scuba; they are amazing opportunities to meet more GTS members, see and try on new dive equipment, add new destinations to our bucket list and see old dive friends!

Welcome to New Horizons Scuba Diving Centre. We offer first class PADI scuba diving courses covering Cheshire, Manchester, Staffordshire and beyond. The open water dive sites are open and we are using Reddish Vale pool If you prefer day trips, UK Scuba Diving or Overseas Scuba Diving, we have you covered.

Humongous thanks to the most tolerant and supportive instructor I could ever have wished for! Today’s dive in the Lake was awesome and I loved every minute! Next dive – Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka in 3 weeks!!! Please ensure you contact them for all your scuba inquiries! I am now a PADI open water scuba diver and immensely proud of myself! Underwater Adventures. We have s of happy customers and we are 5 star rated on Google. Offering PADI scuba diving courses for all levels from beginner to instructor, UK scuba diving trips all year round plus many foreign dive trips.

Getting back to scuba diving using social distance rules. Each member of the dive team should be aware and have a full understanding of the procedures before each course to help make sure all students adhere to the procedures at all times on the course. General onsite procedures. Everyone is expected to adhere to 2 metre social distancing at all times on the surface where possible.

With this in mind, everyone will be split into buddy pairs and you will stay in these buddy pairs throughout the course to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

The Ultimate Guide to Scuba & Free Diving for Women

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St Andrews Lakes, with beautiful blue waters and depths of over 30 metres, is the newest inland fresh-water scuba diving site in the UK.

You are covered for all activities in the level you select and those in lower levels. If you are taking part in multiple activities, make sure you select the highest level that will cover all of your activities. How many weeks winter sports on multi trip policies. Cover under all other sections of the policy begins when you leave home to go on your trip and ends when you return home from that trip.

The start and finish dates of the trip must fall within the 12 month period of insurance. For trips booked during the 12 month period and that start after the end of the 12 month period, we will provide cancellation cover until the policy ends. Please note that annual multi-trip policies can not be purchased more than 2 months in advance of the policy start date. We will not be liable for expenses incurred for any accident, injury or illness that did not occur within the dates specified on the schedule of insurance.

We will not be liable for any expenses incurred after the expiry date shown on the schedule of insurance. Important: read this link if you are opting for top up only cover. The age band selected must be that of the person who is the lead insured name or the oldest person in the family or group. For single parent families, use either the couple or group options. Discover our scuba diving insurance today!


Joining a local SAA club provides you with the ideal opportunity to develop as a diver, go on dive trips and socialise with fellow divers. Diving with an SAA club will open your eyes to new adventures. SAA clubs welcome new divers of all levels. When your diving with your local SAA club your training continues as you enjoy your scuba diving journey.

Scuba Diver Magazine is a global diving publication in print and digital format. We bring the latest Scuba Diver news, travel and gear to divers in the UK, ANZ, USA and Canada. recruited to Severntec Diving · Scuba Diving · Mark Evans – Modified date: 23rd August Top 10 Best Dive Sites in the World · Mark Evans.

Things get weird — really weird — in fresh water. Because unlike the oceans, where the animals and currents are constantly mixing, these lakes and cave systems have evolved like islands, mostly uninfluenced by their surroundings for centuries. Stuff happens. Freshwater seals evolve. So, too, do pink freshwater dolphins. And in some places, nature worked its hands through rock for millennia to create unreal amphitheaters, now in the middle of the jungle.

World class wreck diving

Over the years, the Geko Dive Team learnt what makes a great dive operation. While this is a good beginning, it is not enough! What is essential to the Geko Dive Team is that divers arrive as customers and leave as friends; then return as friends before departing as family. After all, spending great times together, both underwater and at the surface, is what diving is all about.

keep up to date with relevant developments and have a good understanding of the come to the UK for commercial diver training), they should still provide a completed HSE’s diving website contains full details of the medical appeals.

Solo diving is the practice of underwater diving without a ” dive buddy “, particularly with reference to scuba diving , but the term is also applied to freediving. Surface supplied diving and atmospheric suit diving are single diver underwater activities but are accompanied by an on-surface support team dedicated to the safety of the diver, and not considered solo diving in its truest sense. Solo diving has been in existence for millennia as evidenced by artifacts dating back to the ancient people of Mesopotamia when humans dove for food and collected pearl oysters.

In an effort to mitigate associated risks, some scuba certification agencies incorporated the practice of buddy diving into their dive training programmes. Some divers, typically those with advanced underwater skills, prefer solo diving over buddy diving and assume responsibility for their own safety. It customarily involves voice or line communications from diver to surface, usually with a diver at the surface on standby ready to assist on short notice. Recreational divers seldom have such options available.

The recreational solo diver uses enhanced procedures, skills and equipment to mitigate the risks associated with not having another diver immediately available to assist if something goes wrong. The skills and procedures may be learned through effective methods with appropriate competence, including formal training programmes with associated assessment and certification. Recreational solo diving, once discouraged by most training agencies, has been accepted since the late s [3] by some training agencies that will qualify experienced divers skilled in self-sufficiency and redundant backup equipment.

Solo diving is defined as a dive planned to be conducted entirely or partly without a buddy. The term has also been used to define dives where buddies are insufficiently attentive or close enough to function effectively as a buddy pair, a situation more commonly referred to as “same ocean buddy diving”. The history of solo diving stands in stark contrast to the relatively new concept of buddy diving that was developed for recreational diving in the early to midth century.


It may have come to your attention that the world has gone into panic mode over Covid, the scientific name given to the novel as in new and not seen before coronavirus outbreak. The World Health Organisation WHO has announced that the outbreak is now a global pandemic and there is, apparently, a planetary shortage of toilet paper! The media, as always, is full of sensationalist headlines and politicians are using the outbreak to try and gain partisan capital, so finding satisfactorily sensible advice is not an easy task.

Covid is a serious matter and not a disease to be taken lightly, but through the use of common sense, practical hygiene and a little thought for others, the idea of travelling need not be completely ruled out. As of the time of writing, the WHO’s advice is that travellers should be ‘prudent’ over their decisions to travel, but that travel should not necessarily be curtailed completely.

Egypt: Destination: Go Back to Sharm Boat: Whirlwind Date: 2nd of February Price £ Go

Isle of Man. Wales North Wales Pembrokeshire. Underwater Exploration Triton Oceanic. Please note: we cannot endorse the services of companies listed. We recommend that you only dive with dive centers that are accredited by a major diving association or by their local tourist authority. Drysuit for most of the year, but a semidry is sufficient from June to October, or all year round if you are hardy enough!

Basking sharks, seals, cuttlefish, octopus, conger eels, lobsters, crabs, seahorses, bib, pollack, bass, wrasse, blennies, gobies Some divers in the UK dive throughout the year, by making use of inland sites. Diving in the sea is generally possible from April through to October. Undeniably conditions are more pleasant in the summer months when temperatures are warmer and the sea is calmer.

Fly to one of the UK’s many airports, and then make a journey by train, car, or bus to the coast using the UK’s extensive transport network. There is no water in the UK that isn’t considered as a potential dive site! For many of the people who use dive site directory, diving in the UK is simply not an option.

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