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Rolex Serial Numbers With Production Dates

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. One of the many special aspects of a Rolex watch is the unique, five to eight-digit serial number on each timepiece.

It may not provide % accurate info for dating your Rolex Watch. Use this serial number list for estimations only. Please report known errors in the comments.

Talking Watches With Todd Levin. One of the crowning achievements of humankind in the last century was the mastery of flight. The first scheduled commercial flight took place in Florida a little more than years ago, from St. Petersburg to neighboring Tampa. And the subsequent popularization of commercial air travel in the s and ’60s allowed civilians to go places with greater speed than any previous generation.

But while the possibility to arrive on another continent in mere hours was certainly game-changing, it created problems too, particularly as it pertained to keeping and adjusting to time. There was no longer just the time. Rather, there was the time where one was and the time where one was going. This was a daily concern for the commercial pilots crisscrossing the world’s time zones in the nascent commercial aviation industry.

One of the great American companies of the last century, Pan American World Airways, partnered with a Swiss watch brand by the name of Rolex to see if it could make them a watch capable of telling the time in more places than one. It is from this overture that came one of today’s most collectible, historically important, and iconic Rolex sport watches: The GMT-Master. It is believed that at least some of these supplied watches featured unusual white, or Albino, dials. The name is appropriate in more ways than one.

Rolex Serial Numbers with Production Dates

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Rolex Datejust watch dating from It was the first automatic watch to feature a date window on its dial and the first Rolex watch to wear the iconic Jubilee.

The serial number on any Rolex watch enables you to estimate the approximate date of manufacture. However on some earlier models pre the serial number will be engraved on the outer case back. This digit number can be used to determine the date of manufacture. It is important to note however that final assembly, sale and delivery of the completed watch may be some time later. For example a case or case back assembled in , may not have been used on a completed watch until or sold via a retailer until later still.

From , Rolex started to also engrave the serial number on the inside case rehaut which is found between the dial and the crystal. From , Rolex started to use a random numbering system, hence in years to go dating your Rolex watch will need to be established by either referring to the original warranty card, understanding the configuration of your particular example or referring directly to Rolex.

Rolex Serial Numbers: Find Your Rolex Production Date!

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Rolex Serial Numbers with Production Dates. We say in theory, because there have been a few prices over the years. Between oyster, Rolex reset the serial.

The Submariner has always run on automatic mechanical movements and its water resistance has evolved from meters to Caliber with date indication. Things to Look for when Buying Vintage Rolex watches. Once you find your serial number you can pinpoint a production date. The earliest iterations of the feature red “Submariner” text in the four-line signature at six o’clock, giving the watch its common nickname: The Red Sub Dec 29, – The Rolex Submariner Date, paired with a navy or black suit, adds a masculine detail to an evening’s ensemble.

Today, we give that tradition its due, by way of our complete list of all the watches The watch is an M series dating its year of manufacture to

Three Pre-Owned Rolex Datejust Watches Available Right Now

The Rolex Datejust may, in a sense, be the perfect watch. The archetypical watch. The watch you steel off the wrist of your grandfather without feeling all that badly about it. Check out the three different examples of pre-owned Datejusts below, from vintage through modern, to get a taste of the aesthetic and be sure to read our exhaustive guide to the model.

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The Rolex Submariner is arguably one of the most sought after and collectable Rolex models in the world today, and here is a fantastic vintage Rolex Submariner dating from that has the right look and feel to it, that looks even more amazing on the wrist. The prices of vintage Rolex watches of the same model vary so much due to one major aspect — the dial. The dial has started to achieve a lovely soft patina on the index markers which will just get better with age and is waht gives these classic vintage Rolex watches their distinct look and character.

Fitted in the iconic 40mm watch case that has not changed for decades, the case back is also the original with the stamping as sometimes these were changed by Rolex for whatever reason and can often be found with different numbers on the case back. With the original Rolex Oyster band with the numbering and end links all in great condition, inside is the beautiful 26 jewelled Rolex calibre that runs perfect and comes with our twelve month warranty.

This is a spectacular example of a highly sought after Rolex and one that when on the wrist will always get the attention that it rightly deserves. Lost Password? Create Account. Search Products Search for: Search. Sign In. Bug Fix. Add to Wishlist. Product added! Browse Wishlist.

Rare Rolex Oyster Precision 36mm Vintage dating back to 1963

Rolex Day Date Replica Watches. This fake Rolex collection is perfectly suitable for people who love attention, enjoy talking about their watch and want it to be noticed. This watch is equipped with dating rolex Rolex’s blue Parachrom hairspring and utilizes a calibre new-generation …. Verified Dealer. Several US presidents, including Lyndon B. Available only in 18 karat gold or platinum, it was the first wristwatch to display the date and day of the.

In other words, the list of Rolex serial numbers may not provide % accurate info for dating your Rolex. Additionally, with the modern random serial numbers.

In the early s, Rolex developed professional watches that served as tools and whose functions went far beyond simply telling the time. These watches were intended for professional activities, such as deep-sea diving, aviation, mountain climbing and scientific exploration. The watches generated lasting enthusiasm and became known as the watches of achievers.

Inspired by knowledge gained from this fascinating chapter of human adventure, the Oyster Perpetual Explorer, launched in to celebrate the victorious ascent of Everest, immediately acquired iconic status. As intercontinental travel developed in the s, airliners began to fly swiftly across several successive time zones.

For the first time it became important to know the time in various places in the world, simultaneously. It was the dawn of the jet age, and Rolex responded with a watch to match the spirit of the times. The GMT-Master was developed to meet the specific needs of airline pilots. It became the official watch of several airlines, among them the famous Pan American World Airways, better known as Pan Am.

Its most distinguishing visual feature was the two-tone bezel which marked daytime from nighttime hours. In , the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date made its debut. Available only in 18 ct gold or platinum, it was the first wristwatch to display the date and day of the week spelt out in full in a window on the dial.

Rolex Serial Numbers the Ultimate Resource Guide

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By this practice had gradually transitioned to all models. In , Rolex mostly abandoned their conventional numbering sequence in favor for a mixed aka random aka scrambled serial. They will be 8 digits, opposed to 7 in the past. The latest letter prefixes are all running concurrently…as Rolex wishes! Only Rolex knows the exact date that any watch was actually produced.

During this period Rolex was also putting the date code on the inside of the case backs…so confusing production serials can sometimes have their production date determined. Model Numbers: Rolex model numbers range from four to six numbers. The first two or three digits describes the type of watch. If the watch has five digits, the second from the last describes some exceptions the type of bezel and the last describes the material that the watch is made from.

Around , Rolex began adding a 1 in front of some model numbers… Example; the steel Daytona went from to Since , Rolex has used a system of 1 letter, followed by 6 digits. When buying and selling Rolex watches, that letter is one of the most important details many buyers will want to know. Also, models with gold and precious stones usually do not sell as quickly as steel models and will sit around the authorized dealer for a longer period.

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner is a line of sports watches designed for diving and manufactured by Rolex , and are known for their resistance to water and corrosion. The Rolex Submariner is considered “a classic among wristwatches”, [1] manufactured by one of the most widely recognized luxury brands in the world. Today, the Submariner and Submariner Date models are equipped with Rolex Calibres and , respectively, and feature luminescent hour markers, a unidirectional rotatable bezel with Cerachrom ceramic insert, and a solid-link Oyster bracelet.

The Submariner model went into production in and was showcased at the Basel Watch Fair in The assigned case reference number of this first Submariner was either or

Rolex developed watches for professional activities from the early ‘s. Discover the history of Rolex watches on the Official Website.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. One of the many special aspects of a Rolex watch is the unique, five to eight-digit serial number on each timepiece. Performing a Rolex serial number lookup makes it easy to discover Rolex watch values , as you can determine the exact production date.

In the brand began engraving serial numbers on the inner watch rims for aesthetic reasons. Call Swiss Wrist today at to receive a free quote! The Rolex Factory may not offer an official Rolex value database list that features production dates, however the chart below includes all serial numbers obtained by Rolex authorities over time. Check out the list to learn about Rolex production dates! Need to know how much your Rolex is worth?

The model number is found on the side of the watch case at the 12 o’ clock position. As with the serial number, the bracelet must be detached from the 12 o’ clock side of the case.

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