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This proposal seeks funding for measurement of the cosmogenic radionuclides 26Al and 10Be in quartz from core and outcrop of Plio-Pleistocene sediment within and near Unaweep Canyon. The Plio-Pleistocene sediments were newly mapped in , and the core was collected in Our preliminary data indicate that Unaweep Canyon is a Paleozoic landform buried by later Paleozoic and Mesozoic sediments and then re-exhumed during the Cenozoic, a controversial claim. Despite considerable age-dating efforts in our previous research, we have found no material in this sedimentary succession that can be dated using conventional methods. Thus, the purpose of this proposal is to apply newly developed methods of? Successful dating of the target sediments will yield three tangible benefits. First, it will solve a significant regional geologic problem by establishing the timeline of geomorphic events and will yield insight into the rate and nature of Cenozoic fluvial incision of the Colorado Plateau?

In Situ-Produced Cosmogenic Nuclides and Quantification of Geological Processes

Mount Granier lies in the northeast corner of the Chartreuse Mountains. It contains a vast cave system, whose uppermost levels were thought to be of pre-Quaternary age. Data from karst deposits serve as reference and comparison site for Alpine chronology as well as for cave genesis and palaeogeographical reconstructions, similar to that of the Siebenhengste massif in Switzerland. Comparisons of the methods used and the results obtained from one end of the Alpine chain to the other have provided an overview of the state of knowledge of Alpine cave genesis.

26Al, 10Be and 14C dating, geomorphology, Kunlun Fault, palaeoclimate, Tibet 3 Development of Geomorphic Offsets and Cosmogenic Dating of.

AKM via their online fireball report forms and sent a photo of a meteorite. While removing toys and other objects from the lawn before mowing it he found the table tennis ball-sized meteorite weighing Being interested in astronomy he immediately suspected that this unusually black and light stone lying on top of his lawn was something special and must have fallen from the sky. He waited a few days and then did some research on the internet.

A black stone, a three centimetre big stone with some small cracks in it, relatively light. And it lay on top of the lawn. And this was a bit unusual for a stone, to lie on top of the lawn. And because of that I suspected it had fallen from the sky. After interviewing him about the find and taking photos of the meteorite they convinced him to have the meteorite sent to Dieter Heinlein to be thoroughly analysed. The density of the meteorite was measured to be about 1. According to information provided by Dieter Heinlein the short-lived radio isotope analysis confirmed a very low terrestrial age and thus a connection to the bolide event above Schleswig-Holstein on 12 September AMS event

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Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. By: A. In order to determine the age of the relatively younger fans, the erosion rate of the boulders and the cosmogenic nuclide inheritance from exposure prior to deposition in the fan were established. Cosmogenic nuclide inheritance values that range between 8.

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Long-term slip rate of the southern San Andreas Fault from 10BeAl surface exposure dating of an offset alluvial fan. Journal of Geophysical Research, A total of 26 quartz-rich cobbles from three different fan surfaces were collected and dated. The tight cluster of nuclide concentrations from 19 samples out of 20 from the offset fan surface implies a simple exposure history, negligible prior exposure and erosion, and yields an age of This result puts new constraints on the slip rate of the San Jacinto and on the Eastern California Shear Zone for the last 35 kyr.

Our study shows that more sites along the major faults of southern California need to be targeted to better constrain the slip rates over different timescales. This paper was published in Journal of Geophysical Research and is made available as an electronic reprint preprint with permission of American Geophysical Union. One print or electronic copy may be made for personal use only.

Systematic or multiple reproduction, distribution to multiple locations via electronic or other means, duplication of any material in this paper for a fee or for commercial purposes, or modification of the content of the paper is prohibited and is subject to penalties under law. Google Scholar TM Check. Ryerson, Frederick J. We determine the long-term slip rate of the southern San Andreas Fault in the southeastern Indio Hills using 10Be and 26Al isotopes to date an offset alluvial fan surface.

Cosmogenic nuclide burial dating of Liuwan Paleolithic site in the Luonan Basin, Central China

Jump to navigation. Refractory inclusions [calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions, CAIs ] represent the oldest Solar System solids and provide information regarding the formation of the Sun and its protoplanetary disk. CAIs contain evidence of now extinct short-lived radioisotopes e.

Consequently, the amount of 26Al in the sample can be used to calculate the date the meteorite fell to Earth. Occurrence in the interstellar medium[edit]. The.

Find researchers, research outputs e. N2 – Abstract in Undetermined Previous work has presented contrasting views of the last glaciation on Jameson Land, central East Greenland, and still there is debate about whether the area was: i ice-free, ii covered with a local non-erosive ice cap s , or iii overridden by the Greenland Ice Sheet during the Last Glacial Maximum LGM.

Here, we use cosmogenic exposure ages from erratics to reconcile these contrasting views. A total of 43 erratics resting on weathered sandstone and on sediment-covered surfaces were sampled from four areas on interior Jameson Land; they give 10 Be ages between Eight erratics on weathered sandstone and till-covered surfaces cluster around similar to 70 kyr, whereas 10 Be ages from erratics on glaciofluvial landforms are substantially younger and range between Deflation is thought to be an important process on the sediment-covered surfaces and the youngest exposure ages are suggested to result from exhumation.

The exposure ages younger than Saalian are explained by periods of shielding by non-erosive ice during the Weichselian glaciation.


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Cosmogenic 26Al/10Be Burial Dating of the Uplift Rate of Southern Qinling Mountains since the Middle Pleistocene. Yiming LU. School of.

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Assessment of vertical movements of tectonically bounded blocks is crucial for determination of geohazards in densely inhabited zones, such as the border zone of western Slovakia and eastern Austria. The structural research revealed predisposition of forming of horizontal passages in low angle to subhorizontal bedrock stratification together with low-grade metamorphic foliation. Fluvial origin of the passages was inferred from mezoscale erosional features on the bedrock as well as from facies character of the well preserved sedimentary profile.

Three analysed dating samples provided low values of isotopic concentrations, allowing us only to calculate the minimum burial age of the deposit of 1.

Just like archaeologists, who rely on radioactive carbon to date the organic One isotope of this element, namely aluminium (26Al).

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