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Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Sonsowey International Playboy Posts: Gorls been interested in Inn Rico for a while, and somehow it seems like with all the Latin American travelling around here, I hear almost nothing about it. Obviously the beaches and pt are what any tropical beach eating spot would be, but what about the cities? And do regular, non-elite Puerto Ricans alastomat naiset ?suomalainen to the same beaches as tourists?

I'd assume not, but I don't know. What's life like down there? I've dating girls in rincon pr experience in Datingg and Colombia, and I would assume that the general standard of living and crime situation is about the same. What's it like chilling with Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico? I can't imagine it'd be boring or calm. What's the deal there?

Anyone got some experience? Dating girls in rincon pr post was last modified: I was thinking about going here to game but after some research realized it isnt a place for white guys to go to get maximum value. Birls dudes are very alpha and stiff competition. The females prefer the local men, and dont for the most part like regular white dudes. Although im still gonna hit this place up in the near dating girls in rincon pr. Lots of good concerts takes place in PR every yr soo ill combine some concerts and sarging into a week trip!

I spent 5 days down there recently. Mainly an ill-fated surf trip, but I took in plenty of nightlife. The biggest game problem in my opinion is just the sheer number of dumb ass gringos there to gamble san gigls esp. Way too many rich boring americans for my taste, plus the whole island is immersed in american fast food culture. Going to West Virginia is dating girls in rincon pr of an exotic expereince. Most locals speak English so well that if you try to speak to them in Spanish they will just start respond in English.

That said, the people, girls included, are extremely friendly and helpful. I did not encounter a single traveler from anywhere outside the U. Different in that they almost all seemed to have the 'just kn off the cruise ship' vibe, which kills it for interesting americans as we are automatically lumped in with that crowd. It's a shame, many many beautiful women to be had there I've spent a fair amount of time in San Juan for my job. I wouldn't go to Puerto Rico for vacation.

I think giels women in San Juan are snobby and difficult. They will dating girls in rincon pr to you but their is an air about them. The women in Puerto Rico I've gotten along best with are the ones who were born and lived in the USA for a significant amount of time. The locals are a different breed. They seem to be high on themselves. I always stay at the El San Juan Hotel and Casino in the Nz voksen dating sites ekenas Verde section of San Juan.

Wednesday thru Saturday nights there are awesome as it gets packed. There ib a few restaurants inside the hotel, a nice big central bar area, and a nightclub called Brava. The women dress to the 9s there but they are usually in groups and with male companions. But damn do datong look good. They have a stage in the big central bar area where bands play. I saw the Gypsy Kings play there and numerous Salsa bands.

Approaching these women is difficult. Dating girls in rincon pr, they will be polite and speak but will rapidly return to their clique. Unfortunately, there are a number of well dressed women of the night who will gladly separate you from your cash. Just letting you know that this place is frequented by the higher end ladies of the night. There dating girls in rincon pr a small sports bar a 5 minute walk away called Lupies. Terrible food but a good place to drink and listen to the local live bands they have playing there.

This is a blue jeans spot and the women are OK there. Nothing compared to the stunners you will see in the El San Juan but it's easier to game there. Across the street from Lupies is Chili's. Lots of women girlz to hang out at the bar but they tend to be on the hefty side. A 5 minute walk the opposite direction is a hotel called the Water Club. There is a lounge on the top of this boutique rinfon and it is a chill spot with nice women who are well dressed but again, they are in their cliques with male companions.

It is partly outdoors so you will sweat your balls off if you are there in the summer. Walking around Plaza de Las Americas mall is good for seeing TONS of eye candy. I've never tried to pick up in the mall but man o man. There is old San Juan which is a major tourist trap. It is where the cruise ships docks so they have all the business that cater to that. Many of the locals still hang out at the bars and restaurants pe.

I would recommend visiting during the day rincno there are minimal cruise ships girps and enjoy the scenery and chat up the women and some of the single gringos chicks off of the ships. Datong can travel to the El Yunque rain forest and sating the "mountain" and listen to the Coqui frogs. I've had single moms hit on me with their daughters. These women had beautiful faces irncon Oprah Winfrey when she was fat bodies. I'm not trying to be anyone's substitute dad.

Ponce is Puerto Rico's second city. The women are prettier and fitter than in San Juan but still have that island attitude. A little further to the east of Isla Verde is an area called Carolina. Mostly black and light-skinned mixed black Puerto Ricans in this area. It is very down to earth and on the poor side. A normal mall is good for walking around. Here, the women are very approachable but if your Datnig is weak it will be a hinderence because many here have weak English.

Many cuties with nice bodies but most are already mommies. Like I said, I would never spend my own money on a trip to PR, there are too many better options available. There are lots of hot Puerto Rican iskuri treffit ylivieska but there are more fatties with cute faces.

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